Children Speak


Thank you for coming to our class. I enjoyed having you. I learned a looooot about Fredrick Duglis. And about slavery all together! My favorite story was the "Freedom Bird." It was funny. And that Iowa was more involved in slavery than I thought Like being one of the first states to be a free state. Thanks. agian.


Thank you for coming to our classroom. I liked the rattel thing the most. That story when those kids ran for freedom was my second favorite. Sincerely, Ricky

I am very happy that you took your time to come and tell us those really cool storys. Out of the three storys the folk tale was my favorite. The message of that story was really neat how that hope and freedom will never die. I also liked the one where the two sisters escaped by pretending that they were two little boys. I thought that your clothes were very interesting. Your shawl was very, very  pretty. Thank you very much for coming to tell us those storys. Sincerely, Sarah

I can tell a story now thank you so so much you are the best story teller that ever lived on Earth I rily like you and you are rily the best. Love, Annie